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*Program Rules: Program changed to Buy One, Get One free offer starting 1/14/2020 and expires 12/31/2022. Free product must be equal to or less than the value of the product purchased. Product for at home personal use only. Not for clinic use or for resale. Offer valid only on products purchased through U.S. veterinary hospitals. Distributor invoices not accepted. Violators will be prohibited from participating in the program.

Qualifying products: FELIWAY®/FELIWAY® CLASSIC Starter Kit, Refills and Sprays, FELIWAY® Multicat Starter Kit and Refills, FELIWAY® Optimum Starter Kit and Refills, ThunderEase® Collar, ThunderEase® Spray, ThunderEase® Kit/Diffuser, ThunderEase® Refill, ThunderShirt®, ThunderWunders® Calming Chews, and Senilife® products.

For more information about these products visit their websites:,, and

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FELIWAY is a registered trademark of Ceva Santé Animale S.A.
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